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Allison J Parent allisonp at world.std.com
Wed Mar 4 23:24:45 AEST 1998

<	have a single 'master' source system and build and distribute from 
<	that).  

For me that would be perfectly useless as the only PDP-11 compuler is the 
DECUS-C and ti's far to minimal to crunch that.  Chicken and egg.  Right 
now I need the chicken on my 11/73 before I can consider the sources
and then I have to configure enough storage to hold them.

<	that everyone would be dancing with joy at being freed from binary
<	only releases.

I sorta am but for me $100 might as well be $10,000.

<	As has been mentioned before there are binary only V6, V7, and V5
<	images already available without requiring a source license at 
Their problem is from what I can tell is they are not runable on my 
11/73 with the hardware I have.  There is that little problem of 
transfering them (via RT-11?).

My config, call it a sanity test to see if there is an existant binary I 
can run:

11/73 1mb non-pmi ram
RQDX3 rx33, rx52(x2) (rx53 available)
RLV12 and one RL02

I can swap a DHV-11 for the DLV11j.
I can put in 1 more meg of non-pmi ram.
The TK50 is shared with a VAX.
RT-11 V5 running.
There are no RKxxs available.

I expect I'll never be able to network the 11s I have, nor will I have 
adaquate resources (Disk) to compile the kernel.  I will not discuss the
11/23 or the pro350 sitting next to them as it's been implied they could 
only run the oldest versions due to lack of I&D space.


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