Hardware guru needed

Stacy Minkin stacy at asia.uznet.net
Fri Mar 6 15:34:38 AEST 1998

>What backplane?  There are 16, 18 and 22 bit address backplanes and
>using the smaller with the larger memory generally does not work and 
>give an address error.

>I prefer to use part/model number like H9273(a backplane) or 
How actually distinguish these backplanes?
I can check whether extended address lines are routed to slots, if 
it sufficient - ok. If not - are there more differencies?

>What you need is a copy of the dec hand books that list all those details.
>Any of the volumes from the mid to late 80s would help.  

No chance to get it in xUSSR!

>Standard floppy?  You can use a DEC RX50 or an RX33(teacfd55gfv).  If 
>using the latter *all* of the jumper must be set up correctly in the 
>drive.  The RX33 is a 1.2m 5.25" drive with speed select.  You cannot 
>use a PC 5.25 360k drive or a 3.5" drive(actually it's possible but, 
>very non standard and unhelpful to you at this time).

Which logical drive address should be set on floppy?

>Unless the jumpers or switches on the RQDX3 were messed with the defalt
>addresses and config are usually the way they are set and fit for use.

The time I got RQDX3 it's address was set wrong. I've changed it immediately
but there are lots of other switches...

>For the RDxx you can use a ST225(rd31), st251(rd32), QUANTUM D540(rd52),
>micropolus 1325(rd53) or MAXTOR2990(RD54) if they are formatted correctly.
>or any other drive that matches the number of heads and cylinders of those 
>listed.  Note those are all MFM type drives.

Has anyone formatter?



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