Two different 2.11?

Steven M. Schultz sms at
Sun Mar 22 14:23:15 AEST 1998

Greetings -

	No, there is only 1 2.11BSD (in the sense that there are NOT 
	competing versions or distributions).

	What happened I believe is that the Boot_Images/2.11_on_rl02 is older
	than the files in Distributions/ucb/2.11BSD.

	I have not looked at the Boot_Images/2.11_on_rl02 files to determine
	when they were created (what patch level, etc.).  On your RL02 system
	what do the first two or three lines of /VERSION?

	Anyhow, between the time that the 2.11_on_rl02 images were created
	(I did not create them) and December-1997/January-1998 several new
	system calls were created _AND_ the entire system was recompiled
	and relinked.  That is why you can NOT use binaries from the
	Distributions/ucb/2.11BSD with earlier kernels.  There is UPWARD
	compatibility (old binaries can run on new kernels) but not backwards

	What you need to do is build a 'tape' (using 'makesimtape' if you
	need to use Bob's emulator) from ALL of the files in Distributions/ucb/

	Steven Schultz
	sms at

> From: Harald Barth <haba at>
> Started to get 2.11BSD working on emulator and 11/70. So far:
> Started emulator taken from:
> Made kernel on emulator which supports the actual hardware:
> 	DELUA at non standard addr, RA81, RL02
> Moved boot RL02 to 11/70 with RSTS/E
> Made bootable RA81 on 11/70
> Untar:ed usr from
> ....And now the binaries from that tar file crash with "unknown system
> call" However, the binaries distributed in the disk images work. Any
> clues?
> Harald.

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