Early unix on simulators --- partial newbie success ---yeah!

Robert D. Keys rdkeys at seedlab1.cropsci.ncsu.edu
Thu May 7 02:12:37 AEST 1998

I managed to get the Sim23b pdp11 emulator running on the v5 unix.
It is hard to believe a 25K kernel....(:+}}..... so much for code
bloat over the years.

My goal is to try to bring it up on a KSR35 hooked up to a headless
pc (386 board in a closet box) on the dos emulator, or whatever would
be the minimal required to get it going.

Can anyone suggest ways to reach that goal?  I am still having no
luck with the Ersatz 2.0 emulator on dos, because I can't seem to
get the incantations right.  I get to the @ prompt, but after
entering unix, it just sits for a bit, the HD spins, and after a
few seconds it is back at the @ prompt.  There is still some magick
mystical juju required (albeit I am the dummy here....(:+\\.....)

I could port a stripped Linux 0.98 kernel maybe, to get it up,
and try that, but I was hoping the dos emulator would run with it.

Any suggestions and pointers are appreciated.

Thanks, and kudos to all the PUPS crew and Dennis Ritchie for
resurrecting the old v5 image.  This kindof makes computing
fun, for a change.....

Now, where did I stash that KSR35.....

Bob Keys.....

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