Using P11 emulator (was 2.11BSD installation problems)

Greg Lehey grog at
Thu May 7 10:16:40 AEST 1998

On Wed,  6 May 1998 at 23:45:58 +0200, Matthias Bruestle wrote:
> Mahlzeit

Mahlzeit (*rülps*)

> The setup looks more complicated than the supnik emulator. So, I'll
> look tomorrow. What I have noticed is, that there is bsdi and freeBSD
> mentioned in p11conf but not linux. Does it require a BSD?

Yes, I think so.  The access to the machine goes via the tunnel
driver, and that would need to be completed for Linux.  The authors
don't use Linux, so they haven't done the work.  They don't use BSD/OS
much any more, so if you are going to install one, FreeBSD is the
obvious choice, especially considering the price differential.

Of course, any old UNIX user should be using BSD anyway, especially if
you want to emulate older BSDs :-)

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