First edition Unix manuals

Robert D. Keys rdkeys at
Fri May 8 23:28:40 AEST 1998

> On Thu,  7 May 1998 at  9:05:02 -0400, Robert D. Keys wrote:
> > I emailed him about the possibility of recreating the roff sources,
> > an I will probably wind up doing that.  Then we will have a working
> > set of sources for clean copy.
> Great idea.  Keep us posted.
> Greg

I have the intro and first few manpages of section 1 done so far.
Maybe a week or so and then if someone will proof them.  I will
port them in original roff source, and then make a troff set.
Dennis was wanting someone to tackle an html version.  Alas, my
html is not so good.


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