4.3BSD-Tahoe and 4.3BSD-Reno

Warren Toomey wkt at henry.cs.adfa.oz.au
Thu Nov 12 14:51:32 AEST 1998

In article by Michael Sokolov:
>I have converted the 4.3BSD-Tahoe and 4.3BSD-Reno tape images Rick has recently
> uploaded into a more convenient format. I haven't changed anything in the
> images themselves, I have simply repacked them from a single .zip into a
> collection of .gz's, one per tape file. I have also prepared a listing for
> every tarball. This stuff is in:
> /usr/home/msokolov/43tahoe.cci (4.3BSD-Tahoe with CCI binaries)
> /usr/home/msokolov/43reno.vax (4.3BSD-Reno with VAX binaries)

I'll move copies of Michael's 43tahoe.cci and 43reno.vax directories
into the main PUPS archive area, in the Distributions/4bsd area.


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