4.3BSD Installation (probably off-topic)

SHOPPA at trailing-edge.com SHOPPA at trailing-edge.com
Sun Nov 22 03:49:46 AEST 1998

I've been looking over the recent 4.3-ish BSD distributions
now available from the PUPS archive.  Thought I'd spin off
a copy for booting on one of my spare uVax II's, but I'm stuck
at (literally) before step one, and don't know where to go from here.
If there's a more appropriate forum for these questions, I'd
appreciate being redirected to them!

OK, Before Step I, as doucmented in 4.3_on_uVax_instructions, is:

  YOU MUST ALREADY HAVE A WORKING VAX! These instructions are useless on
  a cold machine. You must have a 4.3 machine and a working uVax (probably
  Ultrix!) with a tk50 drive.

Apparently, this is because the distributions don't boot on a
Microvax, and the KA630 Microvax/MSCP/TMSCP patches must be installed
and many things rebuilt on a 4.3 machine before a distribution tape can
be built to put on a VAX.

Is this an actual limitation on the 43reno.vax distribution currently
in the archive, or not?  If it is a real limitation, what non-
microvax machines will the 43reno.vax distribution boot on?  11/750?

Tim. (shoppa at trailing-edge.com)

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