4.3BSD Tahoe binaries for uVax

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Sun Nov 22 06:40:02 AEST 1998

>   The problem is that we (PUPS/TUHS) haven't been able to find a Tahoe
>tape with VAX binaries.

I think I *might* be able to provide part of the solution to this.  I have
in my posession here a TK50 tape hand-labeled "4.3 Tahoe BSD".  Let me upload
it to my directory on Minnie, and maybe with some help from you guys
we'll figure out what's in it.

It has been at least a year since I've looked at the contents of this
tape, but I was under the impression that it consisted mainly of binaries,
and had very little in the way of sources on it.  I'll put images of
the tape files on Minnie (hmm - a full TK50 will probably be an overnight
job) and with a little luck we'll figure out how to
make the next step.  (I didn't know that this was a sought-after tape
in the first place!)

I honestly don't know if this is a VAX Tahoe distribution or for something
else (MIPS, maybe?).  It did fail to boot on my KA650 when I tried it, but
your notes indicate that this was to be expected because it wasn't a KA630.
And browsing through the contents of the tape does seem to indicate that it 
might be for the VAX.

The tape has 4 files on it, about 50 Megabytes uncompressed, organized as 

File 1: 1 record, 512 bytes.
File 2: 205 records, 10240 bytes each.
File 3: 320 records, 10240 bytes each.
File 4: 2135 records, 20480 bytes each.

The first block has no obvious text in it.  Obvious guess is a boot block :-)

The second file appears to be an executable of some sort.  Running
"strings" against it turns up evidence that this is some sort of standalone
utility that knows how to write to devices with names like "ra1", "hp3",

The third file is, I would guess, the dump of a root file system.
The string "/dev/ra1a" and machine name "kerberos.berkeley.edu" turn
up near the beginning, and the dump of what appears to be the "/dev"
directory has names such as tu0, tu1, hp0a-hp0g, rhp0a-rhp0g, etc.

The fourth file is a tar archive, and appears to contain mainly binaries,
with little in the way of sources.  The are links in the tar archive
to things like "/sys/vaxuba", "/sys/vax", etc., but the /sys directory
itself isn't in the tar archive.  (Would this possibly be in the third
file, which I guessed is a dump of the root filesystem?  The other BSD-
derived distributions that I'm familiar with do not have "/sys" or
"/usr/src/sys" in the root filesystem!)

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