4.3BSD Tahoe binaries for uVax

Michael Sokolov mxs46 at k2.scl.cwru.edu
Sun Nov 22 09:26:26 AEST 1998

   Tim Shoppa <SHOPPA at trailing-edge.com> writes:
> Some further clues, for anyone who's following this bit or
> archeology:
   This is clearly a 4.3BSD-Reno tape (for VAX). I'll look at it when it's
fully uploaded (you're saying it won't be until 19:00 EST, so it'll be
after the X-Files I guess), but I can bet that it's identical to the one in
/usr/home/msokolov/43reno.vax on minnie (read by Rick Copeland from the
CSRG master provided by Marshall Kirk McKusick).
> The second file on the tape has the following string in it:
>   4.3 BSD Reno UNIX #1: Sat Jul 28 15:19:06 PDT 1990
>   trent at kerberos.berkeley.edu:/usr/src/sys/GENERIC.vaxminiroot
   The second file is the dd image of the miniroot filesystem. This string
appears in the /vmunix file inside (the kernel). kerberos.berkeley.edu was
a VAX. The tape in /usr/home/msokolov/43reno.vax has also been pressed from
> The third file has this string in it:
>   4.3 BSD Reno UNIX #4 Sat Jul 28 13:24:08 PDT 1990
>   trent at kerberos.berkeley.edu:/nbsd/usr/src/sys/GENERIC.allvax.
   The third file is the dump of the full root filesystem. Again, this
string appears in the /vmunix file inside.
> Additionally, in the third file, there appears to be some printf-type
> strigns for configuring in the different possible CPU's supported:
>   VAX 8600, serial# %d(%d), hardware level %d(%d)
>   VAX 82%c0, hardware rev %d, ucode patch rev %d, sec patch %d, ucode rev %d
>   VAX 11/78%c, serial# %d(%d), hardware ECO level %d(%d)
>   VAX 11/750, hardware rev %d, ucode rev %d
>   VAX 11/730, ucode rev %d
>   MicroVAX-II-MicroVAX 3000, ucode rev %d
   This is also obviously inside /vmunix. The set of supported CPUs is the
one for Reno.
> So the tape sticker says "Tahoe", the miniroot and Generic root claim
> to be Reno, and the fourth file (the tar archive) has the following
> mentions of Tahoe and Reno:
> [names on manpage directories mentioning tahoe]
   It is Reno. Trust me. "tahoe" appears in the names of some manpage
directories because some manpages are architecture-specific (tahoe is the
name of a computer architecture, just like vax, hp300, i386, etc.). The
tape is mislabeled, that's all.
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