4.3-VAX distributions (was Re: The files Tim Shoppa has just uploaded)

SHOPPA at trailing-edge.com SHOPPA at trailing-edge.com
Sun Nov 22 12:27:48 AEST 1998

>   I have just logged into minnie and diffed the files Tim Shoppa has just
>uploaded against the 43reno.vax distribution in my home directory. They are
>identical byte for byte,

Darn.  And the label said it was a Tahoe distribution :-).  You'll also
remember that I'm the one who found the V6 RL02 packs at UBC which, despite
all indications, are actually some sort of V7 system that has all the
internal labels reading "V6"!

> except that Tim's first file is severely

That would explain why I couldn't boot it, yep.

In any event, I am now very happy to now have a bootable copy of 4.3-Reno.
(Installing as I type, AAMAF.)

We all know now that Michael's on a crusade for 4.3-Tahoe, so would it
be completely unreasonable to build 4.3-Tahoe from sources under 4.3-Reno?
It's the most reasonable approach I can think of at the moment.

And what stands in the way of reading around the bad blocks on Kirk McKusick's
43tahoe_cci distribution?  Even though I know that Rick Copeland doesn't have
all the fancy tape recovery equipment I have in my lab, is there some
fundamental problem preventing the use of "mt fsr" commands to skip the 
bad block(s) and recover the rest of the "src" and "usr" tree?

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