booting 4.3-reno without a tape drive

Michael Sokolov mxs46 at
Mon Nov 23 09:43:37 AEST 1998

   Tim Shoppa <SHOPPA at> writes:
> For a quick work-around to make a bootable 4.3 miniroot without a
> tape drive, Michael, you might consider the following (similar
> tricks will work on NetBSD distributions too):
> Ingredients:
> [...]
>   Some other operating system to write the disk from
>     (for example, VMS, NetBSD, BSD2.11 and a PDP-11/73/83/93 CPU,
>     RT-11 and any PDP-11 CPU, etc.)
   The last part is the problem. At this location I have only one DEC
machine, and that's the KA650 I'm trying to get Ultrix on.
   The guy with the MV3400 (and the TK70/TQK70 pair inside it) is still out
for the weekend, should hear something later this evening. If that falls
through and no one helps me with a spare TQK50, I'll have to come up with
another disk for this PC I'm typing this on, install FreeBSD on it, netboot
NetBSD/vax, and use that to load Reno over the net onto another disk (the
VAX has 5 of them). Much more painful, but still better than nothing.
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