Minnie's new domain name

Michael Sokolov mxs46 at k2.scl.cwru.edu
Mon Nov 23 09:42:53 AEST 1998

   Warren Toomey <wkt at henry.cs.adfa.oz.au> writes:
> Over the summer break [...]
   I was first thrown off by this (yesterday was officially the first snow
day here in Cleveland), but then I remembered that Australia is in the
southern hemisphere, so your summer is our winter, right?
> I'll add some smarts to
> minnie's web server and other services to remind people to make the
> switch in their bookmarks, hotlinks etc.
   OK, will change the HostName line in my .ssh/config. I'm already using
the new domain name when posting.
> P.S Minnie's 2nd hard disk wedged itself sometime over the weekend. It's
> back now. I hate PC hardware.
   Then why do you use it? Why not run the PUPS/TUHS server on a VAX
running 4.3BSD-Quasijarus (or 4.3BSD or 4.3BSD-Reno if you can't wait), or
maybe a PDP-11 running 2.11BSD?
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