What *was* the Tahoe?

SHOPPA at trailing-edge.com SHOPPA at trailing-edge.com
Mon Nov 23 02:32:07 AEST 1998

I've been looking over the 4.3BSD Tahoe and Reno distributions
available in the PUPS archive, and have (what I hope) is a rather
simple question:

  What is the "Tahoe"?

It seems - based on the documentation supplied in the Tahoe-specific
installation docs - that "Tahoe" generically refers to any of several
VERSAbus machines in the Berkeley EECS department.

The CCI (Computer Consoles Inc.) Power 6/32 is frequently mentioned
as the CPU, but the Harris HCX-7, the Unisys 7000/40, and ICL Clan 7
are also mentioned.  Are these all the same architecture
and instruction set, or are they different?  How was the CPU implemented -
on a chip?  On a chipset?  On a board?  On multiple boards?

The information regarding peripherals is a bit clearer.  There
appear to be many different supported VERSABus SMD-drive controllers
and at least one supported VERSABus 9-track controller.

Are any of the Berkeley EECS Tahoe machines still up and running?
How many were there?  How many were outside Berkeley?

Tim. (shoppa at trailing-edge.com)

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