4.3/4.4 IBM distributions (need history)

User Rdkeys Robert D. Keys rdkeys at seedlab1.cropsci.ncsu.edu
Tue Nov 24 04:42:50 AEST 1998

> I think there were some additional licensing restrictions on AOS (e.g.,
> only available to educational institutions), so it might not be
> includable in the archive.  I can probably track down folks in Palo Alto
> who worked AOS, and find out.

It might be good to find out any info or history or whatever, if anyone
still knows anything.  If IBM does not particularly want it, it might
be nice to add to the archives, as an educational one-up on Gates.

> As far as I know, there was never an "official" ACIS release beyond the
> 1988 4.3BSD release.  I have actual distribution tapes around somewhere,
> and could probably make tape images available if it's determined that
> that's OK.

Then what are the `Reno' and `Lite' builds that I have.  I was assuming
they were all related, or were there other ports done outside IBM?
Now I am less clear on what it is I actually have......

> P.S.  We just dumpster-ized about 6 or 8 RTs from our storage facility
>     in the last couple of weeks - I had tried to give them away, but
>     the person who was lined up to take them didn't move quite fast
>     enough, and the person assigned to storage clean-up got tired of
>     having them around ... :-(

Darn!  Always one step behind and two weeks late.....

If there are any leftover AOS docs, or any leftover boards, particularly
the external ESDI, SCSI, TAPE, or ethernet boards, or any leftover mice,
that would be nice to locate.  Also, a spare tape drive would not hurt.
Dupster fodder......(:+{{.....

Bob Keys

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