4.3-VAX distributions

James Lothian simul8 at simul8.demon.co.uk
Tue Nov 24 11:15:24 AEST 1998

Just thought I'd throw my oar in: my 11/750 is currently running a version
of 4.3 taken off a set of tapes I saved from being thrown out by a Uni
department I used to work for. The labels on the tapes say:

4.3+NFS Wisconsin UNIX 1/15/87

And another label says:
* The contents of this tape are distributed to UNIX/32V,
  System 3 or System 5, and SUN 3.0 NFS licencees only,
  subject to your software agreement with AT&T (Western 
  Electric), your license agreement with the Regents of the
  University of California, and your license agreement with
  SUN Microsystems.
* The University of Wisconsin - Madison Computer System
  Laboratory assumes no responsibility for unauthorized use
  of these contents by non-licensed entities.

RCS strings seem to indicate that the code was maintained by 
someone called Tad Lebeck. 

As far as I can tell, it's mainly a fairly stock early 4.3 with no disk-labels,
with all the sun rpc/yp/nfs stuff grafted on and a whole lot of bugs that
I've had no end of fun fixing. 

Does anybody know anything about the history of this version? In particular,
does it bear any real relation to Ultrix, or is the tape just mis-labelled? 

If anybody else out there is running this thing and wonders why ptrace(2) causes 
such mayhem, or why portmap crashes when they try to run YP, I'd be happy to 
supply patches....


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