Net2 Status: likely outcome

Warren Toomey wkt at
Wed Nov 25 09:05:02 AEST 1998

I haven't heard back from SCO re the Net/2 status, but given that USL
was sold to Novell & then to SCO, and they have copies of all the legal
documents, I'm sure that SCO will quickly find out the details of the
USL vs UCB settlement.

Kirk has told me that the settlement explicitly stated that a set of
files from Net/2 was not to be distributed, and that this set of files
was not to be revealed: this was done to prevent a subset of Net/2
from being freely redistributed. CSRG made changes to about 70 files
and deleted three files outright.

Kirk is legally unable to reveal the list of affected files in Net/2.
I've just had a poke around the SCCS files on CD#4 on the CSRG CD set.
Several of the SCCS comments for the kernel files have the word USL in
	add USL's copyright notice
	changes for 4.4BSD-Lite requested by USL

There's also a list of binary-only files in BSD/386 1.1 at

I assume, therefore, that it wouldn't be too hard to find out the set of
files in Net/2 affected by the settlement.

Therefore, once SCO reads through the legal documents (which they now own),
I'd be pretty sure that they will still treat Net/2 as contaminated, and
people will need a 32V license in some form in order to legally acquire
a copy of the Net/2 tape.


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