What *was* the Tahoe?

Wortner, Frank (RSCH) Frank_Wortner at ml.com
Thu Nov 26 02:27:07 AEST 1998

This one I know the answer to.  "Tahoe" was the internal name for a computer
called the "Compter Consoles Inc. 632."  (At least that's what I recall."
The machine itself was a light grey cube about the size of a VAX 750 CPU.
The cube housed the CPU,  the disk drives (Fujitsu "Super Eagles" I think)
and an auto-loading tape drive.  If I recall correctly,  the manufacturer
was located in Rochester, New York,  USA.
I used to sys admin one of these beasts -- a *long* time ago.  They were
pretty durable:  mine not only survived an air condioner failure during
which the temperature rose to more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit,  it actually
kept on working without a break for several hours!
It was a good box,  an attempt at a "VAX-killer,"  but it never really
managed to grab a substantial base from DEC's boxes.
P.S.  You might want to forward this to the PUPS list,  since I'm no longer
an active member (emal address changes, etc.)

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