2.9BSD/DZ-11 clone screw

Daniel A. Seagraves DSEAGRAV at toad.xkl.com
Sat Nov 28 06:06:59 AEST 1998

I got my hands on a Aviv DZ-11 clone.  16-line MUX.  So, I go about
shoving it in the 83.  It boots 2.9BSD off a RL02.  Shove device in,
set CSR and interrupt vector, and fire up BSD.
I screwed with the dtab line - With it using dzdma in place of dzou, I can't
make the MUX go.  The kernel attaches it, but I can't seem to be able to talk
to it.  So, I switched to dzou.  Now, upon boot, I get the message:

dz 0 csr 160100 vector 320 no address found for dzou

I've tried other vectors and other bus slots, and get no improvements
with either method (dzdma or dzou).  Any ideas?

(Oh, and if you've got another SDZV11, the DIP switches are BACKWARDS of their
labels!  1=0 and 0=1.  Cute, eh?)

I also have a DHV11, but no idea how to tell BSD it's there.
All I ever get from it is

dh ? csr 160020 vector 370 didn't interrupt

I think I need to set the DM address, but have no idea what to set it to.

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