Found 4BSD tapes at last

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Thu Oct 8 08:55:04 AEST 1998

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To: "J.S. Havard", Warren Toomey
Subject: Found at Last

My excavations on campus turned up six boxes of 9-track tapes
containing most of the BSD distributions. In particular, I have
found one labelled "4.3BSD Revision 2, Domestic Master" 6250bpi
3/4/87. There is also a similar tape (presumably revision 1) from
about six months earlier. I do not have access to a 9-track tape
drive, so I have no idea if the tape is even readable, but I am
willing to mail it to someone who does have a 6250bpi drive that
wants to take a crack at it.


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Would anybody near Kirk be prepared to read these tapes, gzip the
tape records, type in any tape labels glued to the reels, and send
the whole lot in to the PUPS archive?!

Many thanks in advance for the help.


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