Old (7th ed 32v?) manuals

Tim Bradshaw tfb at tfeb.org
Fri Apr 2 18:03:23 AEST 1999

I have a set of printed (decent quality) manuals which were
distributed with 32bit machines (HLH Orions) which ran BSD in later
life (I have BSD manuals for them).  These ones must be from some
early port of <something>, perhaps 32v or I'm not sure what.  They're
dated 1979 and seem to describe some definitely pre-BSD Unix. As you
can probably tell I haven't been through them in detail or I'd have
more info.

I don't really want them as they're 4 folders which don't actually
define any system I have (unless I succeed in finding a free PDP11 of
reasonable physical size in the UK...) and really I have too much
stuff already...  But it seems a shame to just throw them out.  Is it
worth trying to preserve such things?  Could anyone offer them a home.
I can post them in the UK, and abroad if it's not too savagely


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