The dsw man page

Warren Toomey wkt at
Mon Aug 9 10:47:38 AEST 1999

In article by Stuart Norris:
> Whilst we are discussing cryptic comments, can anyone explain the dsw man
> page in the 5th and 6th Edition manuals;
>      The name dsw is a carryover from the ancient past.  Its ety-
>      mology is amusing.

Delete using switches, from memory. You toggled in an i-node number on
the front panel, then ran dsw to delete that i-node.

A more authorative answer, I'm sure, can be found from the 1st Ed manuals
on Dennis' homepage:

Um, just checked, it doesn't say anything about switches.

I will try to dig up a reference to the `switches' story. I have seen it


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