Modified Supnik emulator for the 11

Steven M. Schultz sms at
Thu Aug 26 08:17:56 AEST 1999

Hi -

> From: Mirian Crzig Lennox <lennox at>
> Really!  So far I have had no luck getting Supnik 2.3 to work with the 
> elfje rl02 images on the PUPS archive.  I've always had to use the

	Hmm, I've been using Supnik's 2.3 emulator (on and off - I prefer
	running the real 11/73 though most of the time) and now that "vi"
	works (there was a bug in the "div" instruction which Bob fixed not
	all that long ago for 2.3) the emulator's more useful than it was.

> significantly-hacked-up 2.2 emulator instead.  What did you change
> and/or what disk images are you using?
	You might try using the 2.11 images from the PUPS CD instead.  Create
	a "tape file" (the instructions are in the 2.11 distribution directory)
	and then use a "toggle in" bootstrap for the "mt" device.  

	The config file I use for this is:

set cpu 22B
set cpu 2048K
set rp0 rp06
set rl0 rl02
set rl1 rl02
set rl2 rl02
set rl3 rl02
set tm0 locked
at rp0 rp0
at rl0 root.rl02
at rl1 usr1.rl02
at rl2 usr2.rl02
at rl3 usr3.rl02
at rk0 junk0.rk05
at rk1 junk1.rk05
at rk2 junk2.rk05
at rk3 junk3.rk05
at rk4 junk4.rk05
at rk5 junk5.rk05
at rk6 junk6.rk05
at rk7 junk7.rk05
at tm0 mt0
at tm1 mt1
# at tm1 /zip/mt0

	Place your "2.11 boot tape file" (the 'makesimtape' program which is
	also available in the archive and on the CD is used to create Supnik
	emulator tape files) in to the file "mt0" and then follow the
	instructions in the setup/install documentation on how to boot a tape
	if you don't have tape bootroms (it's less than a dozen instructions
	you need to toggle in the octal for).

	Oh - and since the "RP06" disk is just an image to the host computer
	(to the PDP-11 it is a RP06 ;)) the  image IS interchangeable between
	emulators - I've used the same RP06 image under both (obviously not
	at the same time) the Supnik and Begemot emulators.  Works fine.

	The biggest problem with the Supnik emulator is that the clock runs
	far far too fast (at least with a PPro-200 running the emulator) and
	after running for an extended period of time the PDP-11 system ends
	up several hours in the future. 

	Steven Schultz
	sms at

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