Primeval C compilers

Warren Toomey wkt at
Sat Aug 28 21:08:29 AEST 1999

Hi all,
	I also asked Dennis if we could put his two old `primeval' C
compilers into the archive. He said:

	I don't have a problem with copying the compilers, more or
	less as a mirror.   I wonder if anyone will try to revive them?

I've had a go at reviving them today, using V5 cc and tools. It's a
real PITA I can assure you. I've got the last1120c compiler compiled,
but I can't get it to compile itself. As soon as it sees line 16 in c00.c

	 i = namsiz;

it complains that the LHS isn't an Lvalue.

I think I'll stop now, my brain is hurting too much :-)


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