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Visited your web page and looked at your page for SunOS and Solaris
I can add more history:

I believe the first public release of SunOS was 0.9 so I will start there
SunOS	Aprox Date	Comments
_____	__________	_____________________________
0.9	1983		First relase for the oldest Sun1 CPU boards
			As I recall the Sun1 CPU boards were 68000 boards
			(Maybe 68010?) with 256Kb ram on board.
			This relase was a quick and dirty port of AT&T's
			version of UNIX, not BSD.  No window system.
			I ran the very last tech support workstation running
			SunOS 0.9, a machine called onefive (the name as I
			recall referred to the hardware.

1.0	1984 (1983?)	First relase for the new Sun2 CPU boards.
			68010 CPU and no memory on the mother board
			Introduced Sun's SunTools window system.

1.1	1984-03-12	From SunOS 1.1 Installation Guide
			First stable SunOS release (or so I was told
			as we upgraded systems to 1.1)
			Required Rev N PROMS on the mother board

2.0	1985-04-15	From "System Administration for the Sun Workstation"
			Revision history: "First Customer release of this
			System Administration Manual"
			Support for Sun2/50 and 2/160 VME based workstations.
			First general release of NFS and NIS

2.3	1986-03-21	From SunOS 2.3 Upgrade tape
			(Photocopy of Proof tape from SQA)

3.0	1986-02-17	From "Writing Device Drivers for the Sun Workstation"
			Supports new Sun 3 68020 architecture.

4.0	1988-05-09	From "SunOS 4.0 Change Notes"
			"Key improvements incorporated by SunOS 4.0 include:
			* New system architecture that promotes system
			  resource sharing and portability across
			  different hardware platforms.
			* Share library facility that reduces program size
			  and swap space requirements.
			* Resizable swap area for diskless clients
			* Secure networking through the use of RPC
			  (Remote Procedure Call).
			* NFS (Network File System) replaces ND (Network Disk)
			  for diskless client systems.  The Effect of this is
			  to make system administration easier and more
			* All of the $.3 BSD network changes are incorporated
			  including TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) and
			  IP (Internet Protocol) performance improvements
			  and subnetting.
			* Automount facility that automatically mounts
			  accessible remote filesystems as needed."
			Supports new Sun 4 SPARC architecture.

4.0.3	1989-04-24	From "Documentation Erata and Changes Pages
			For SunOS Release 4.0.3"

4.0.3c	1989-06-06	From "SPARCstation-1 SunOS 4.0.3 Sun-4c Release Notes"

4.1	1990-03-27	From SunOS 4.1 "Installing The SunOS"

Hope this helps to fill out the timeline.


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