Installing UNIX on an 11/94

Steven M. Schultz sms at
Wed Dec 15 07:19:27 AEST 1999

Hi -

> From arno at Mon Dec 13 23:28:32 1999
> The '94 is way cool! I'm amazed at the extensive menu-based boot ROM in 

	Yep - I have seen that on the 11/93 at my place.  Nice.  Having the
	"toyclock" to get the date/time from is real good too.

> this thing. At least the RA92's are quite a bit more 'civilized' than the
> RA82 on my uVAX which is more like a howling banshee..

	Use less power and are more reliable (also larger capacity I believe)

> otherwise I wouldn't have had the problem.. I have an UC07 SCSI controller
> I could use for a while (but it's QBUS) to hook up a tape drive.

	As I was reminded a short time ago - don't put a Qbus board into a
	Unibus machine (or the other way around) :-)

> Any network connection will be OK.. I hope BSD has PPP support? That
> should give at least some rudimentary network connectivity (even if it's
> just 9600)

	SL/IP yes but 2.11 predates PPP and I am not sure there is room in
	the kernel/networking for PPP (which is a much more complex protocol).

	I've run SL/IP just fine - and if you have the (fairly) recent updates
	to enable hardware flowcontrol you can run considerably faster than
	9600 and not worry about dropped characters or truncated packets.

> Or I could use 1 RA92 (with the problem you describe) and use it to 
> run the install on the second drive? (partitioning that properly)

	Ah, yes indeed!  As long as the kernel's idea of the drive size
	is less than what the actual disk image is then you should not have
	any problems - i.e. if you put an RA60 sized image on an RA92 it 
	should work (at least well enough to configure the 2nd drive correctly).
	Obviously the other way around would not work ;)

> Guess my first search will be for either an UNIBUS SCSI controller or 
> a TK50/TK70 controller as I still have some drives for those..

	A TK70 controller will run a TK50 drive very nicely _and_ offer
	the benefit of the buffer cache (which speeds things up greatly).  I
	do not know if there was a Unibus TK50 adaptor though.

	An inexpensive TS05 would be a real nice thing to have about now ;)


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