Special Agent Michael Sokolov has moved

Michael Sokolov mxs46 at k2.scl.cwru.edu
Mon Feb 8 06:55:35 AEST 1999

My new address is:

13444 Euclid Ave. Apt. 215
East Cleveland, OH  44112

My new phone # is 216-761-3656 (voice mail not set up yet, will be done in a
couple of days).

I'm still not quite done with all move-related work, so it will be a few more
days before I catch up with my E-mail.

My hardware is laid out a lot better at the new place than at the old one, so
when I'm done hooking everything up, I'll have much better work conditions for
my Project. Also the new place is physically closer to the building where all
Cleveland ISPs are located, reducing the cost of leased lines and increasing
the probability of me getting one some day.

With the hardware taking up most of the space, I originally thought that my
apartment would look like Agent Mulder's, but it actually ended up being more
like Agent Scully's. Oh well, her place is pretty nice too, and so is mine now.

Just a reminder to all Quasijarus Project folks living in the USA, be sure to
watch the X-Files this evening. They'll finally tell us what really happened to
Mulder's sister, who is the cigarette-smoking man, and all the other cool

Special Agent Michael Sokolov
TUHS 4BSD Coordinator
4.3BSD-* Maintainer
Quasijarus Project Principal Architect & Developer
Phone: 216-761-3656
ARPA Internet SMTP mail: mxs46 at k2.scl.cwru.edu
TUHS WWW page: http://minnie.cs.adfa.edu.au/TUHS/
Quasijarus WWW page: http://minnie.cs.adfa.edu.au/Quasijarus/

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