Venix (was Re: 2.9BSD: mbuf.h)

Ken Wellsch kcwellsc at
Fri Feb 19 04:46:35 AEST 1999

I'm going to give up as I seem to remember nothing anymore... sigh.
Allison also sent e-mail saying the DEQNA is not T-11 based.  I guess
I'm thinking of an RQDX3.  I've had no place to unpack my old iron in
over three years and certainly miss being able to pick up the part in
question before foaming at the mouth spouting nonsense. Many apologies
for suggesting such major inaccuracies.  -- Ken

P.S.  Allison describe the DEQNA as a state-driven device with PALs
      (I think) and that "big F" may the the gate array also mentioned.

| From simul8 at  Thu Feb 18 12:27:23 1999
| Just for the sake of being picky... the DEQNA is based on an Intel 
| microcontroller chip (something 8085-ish, I think). The ethernet chipset
| seems to be Fairchild (it's certainly got a big F on it.)
| James

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