Bob Supnik Emulator and V6

alejandro gonzalez agonza24 at
Fri Jan 1 09:46:16 AEST 1999

Hi, I am very new to the Old Editions of Unix and PDP. I got licensed
recently, and I have been using the Binary Distrubutions of V6 and V7.

I am having trouble unpacking the v6.tape on Bob Supnik's Emulator. 

In the v6 installation guide it says to key in the


Using the Emulator, I deposit the instructions into 100000.

I attach the Tape and Disk using this:
> att tm0 v6.tape
> att rk0 v6root

I then run the instructions:
> run 100000

The Computer hangs, I break out of it. Then I type:
> boot tm0

It gives me a `=` prompt..

The Installation guide tells me to type:
> tmrk.

The emulator just freezes after this.

This may sound like a easy question, but I am very new to this.

Any help or pointers on getting UNIX V6 up and running on my Emulator
would be very helpful.


Alejandro Gonzalez
HPDRC Research Assistant
NASA Regional Application Center
agonza24 at

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