Yet Another Apout Version

Warren Toomey wkt at
Sun Jan 3 21:51:45 AEST 1999

	The tarball of Apout that I put up for ftp had a file missing,
and a serious bug which caused 2.11BSD ls -l to go into an infinite loop.
I've removed this version and placed a new version of Apout in:

Things are looking good. With a small bit of manual help, I was
able to run make in 2.11BSD /usr/src/bin, which rebuilds all of
the binaries in /bin.

I've even (nearly) been able to build the GENERIC 2.11BSD kernel
in /sys/GENERIC, but I get:

# make
ld -X -i -o unix scb.o  mch_backup.o mch_click.o mch_copy.o .....
sys_process.o  syscalls.o ufs_mount.o -Z hk.o init_main.o kern_prot.o
tty_pty.o quota_kern.o quota_subr.o  quota_ufs.o vm_swp.o vm_swap.o
vm_proc.o -Z ht.o tm.o ts.o -Z tmscp.o tmscpdump.o  -Z rl.o
mch_fpsim.o ingreslock.o ufs_disksubr.o -Z rx.o kern_sysctl.o
vm_sched.o vm_text.o -Z kern_pdp.o kern_xxx.o ufs_syscalls2.o mem.o
ufs_subr.o rk.o sys_pipe.o  kern_sig2.o toy.o subr_log.o -Z  -Z
-Z   -Z  -Z  -Z  -Y  vers.o -lkern param.o
*** Exit 1

# ls -l unix
-rw-------  1 root       195480 Jan  3 03:41 unix

Steven, any ideas as to the problem? I had to do two operations manually
(using 32-bit native tools):

sh ../conf/
/bin/ed - param.s < ../conf/:comm-to-bss

Cheers all,

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