Co-authors for Unix history paper?

Warren Toomey wkt at
Tue Jan 19 12:08:22 AEST 1999

Hi all,
	I recently approached the IEEE Annals of Computing History journal
to see if they would be interested in a paper on our efforts to find and
preserve the old versions of Unix. They said yes, so I was wondering if
anybody might want to be co-author. This is what I suggested:

> I'd like to write an article which describes the efforts to find and
> preserve historical material which is related to UNIX. This includes
> finding tapes, reading them, decoding their formats etc.
> The article would also discuss the mechanisms available for running
> these old UNIX systems: by using old hardware (and the difficulties
> of maintaining such equipment), by using software emulators (and
> possibly a discussion of what they provide).
> In other words, the actual history of UNIX and its influence would not
> be covered, but the `archaeology' and preservation of artifacts from
> the early days of UNIX would be.

Given that there are people on the list who deal with old hardware, reading
ancient tapes, etc., I thought they might like to add some input to the

I think the paper size is limited to around 25-30 pages, and has be formal
in tone. If anybody has any suggestions as to what should go in (or even
wants to write a section), then I would welcome some email!

Cheers all,

P.S I'm giving a similar, but much more informal, paper at a local
conference next month. The paper is at:

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