DEC odds and ends

Michael Sokolov mxs46 at
Sat Jan 23 10:13:02 AEST 1999

Dear PUPS/TUHS members,

I have just created a new directory in the 4BSD area of the PUPS archive,

This directory contains various DEC odds and ends: microcodes, ROM images,
diags, VMS/Ultrix booters and bits, etc.

The following items are currently available:

rabads.core	Ultrix rabads program, pure core version for putting onto
		console media and loading via console commands.

rabads.a.out	Ultrix rabads program, a.out version for putting onto a UNIX
		filesystem and loading via UNIX boot.

scsimfm.bin	EPROM image from the SCSI/MFM daughterboard for KA42.

This list is certain to grow very soon.

Michael Sokolov
Phone: 440-449-0299
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