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Thor Lancelot Simon <tls at rek.tjls.com> wrote:

> You do understand that the "some twit" you're talking about is, at least
> by extension, Mike Karels?

Why? He is not trying to tell me that I can't do my job. I have nothing against
him and BSDI, and since he has never voiced any protests against my work, I'm
assuming that he has nothing against it either.

What I was saying that if someone, no matter who, tries to use the government's
oppression mechanism (formally known as intellectual property law) to obstruct
my work, I would defend myself by any means I have, and i would have the full
moral right to call that person or organization a twit. This is the non-profit
software development world we are talking about, and in this world people are
supposed to cooperate, not fight. Using legal quirks to obstruct the work of a
non-profit software developer for ideological reasons would probably be
universally agreed to be unethical.

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