PUPS Mail list: rules of behaviour

Warren Toomey wkt at henry.cs.adfa.edu.au
Wed Jan 27 12:51:07 AEST 1999

	I hate to do this, however I think we could do with just a few
rules of behaviour for the PUPS mail list. Here we go...

1) The mailing list is for discussion on various topic areas related to
   UNIX history, its development, care and feeding of all UNIX systems and
   their hardware, and announcements of useful information related to the
   above.  It is generally inclusive, rather than exclusive. However....

2) There should be little or no discussion of major systems' development,
   including announcements of new versions. Instead, systems developers
   should create a communications channel to target their own audience.
   For example, 2.11BSD has the newsgroup comp.bugs.2bsd.

   To that end, I have just created a mailing list for Quasijarus,
   quasijarus at minnie.cs.adfa.edu.au, and associated Majordomo structures.
   Quasijarus users should join this list so that developments and
   announcements about this system can reach them.

   In other words, interested parties are expected to monitor these 
   mailing lists or newsgroups, in order to follow development and

3) Discussion is to be civil and not religious, where possible. There
   have been a large number of UNIX systems and flavours. There is no
   single `best' system.

4) Offensive postings: if a person's mail postings offends someone,
   then they should email me, the list maintainer. If I get a number
   of complaints, I will ask the original author to not be so offensive.
   If I need to warn a person twice, then I will begin to censor their
   list postings.

I will repost this message if/when it becomes necessary. I am still
collection suggestions with regards to the charter of the list and if
we need to make separate lists etc. The rules above, though, apply to
the list as it is now.

Thanks all,

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