KA650-B V1.2 CPU EPROM image

Allison J Parent allisonp at world.std.com
Wed Jan 27 13:42:44 AEST 1999

<Let's look at things from the practical viewpoint, OK? One of my goals is t
<establish a repository containing the latest available microcode revision f

That is not the problem.  You are putting up the ROM contents off the cpu 
card and that is unreleased copyrighted code.

<Come on, removing the KA650 from the list of CPUs for which I make microcod
<updates available won't change anything. I will still have to carry a ragba
<DEC-copyrighted bits and pieces in order to make my OS project successful. 

Then I expect you will get propper permissions or paperwork showing that 
they were grandfatherd.  In either case by not doing that your potentially 
liable( and involing others) in a copyright infingment suit.  Copyright is 
a legal issue.

<UNIX will require a copy of VMB.EXE in order to boot from MSCP disks and TM

Not an issue and that is not the rom image.

<The thing of it is, all this hardware is orphaned. If you have a DEBNA and 
<to upgrade it to DEBNI to run UNIX, or if you have KA650 V1.1 and want to
<upgrade it to V1.2 to run UNIX, if you call COMPAQ and ask them for a firmw
<upgrade they'll laugh at you. If DEC still existed and supported this stuff
<would be a different story, but with all this hardware orphaned, the poor V
<UNIX users have no one to turn to for microcode upgrades and troubleshootin
<support except the VAX UNIX maintainer, i.e., me.

Not true.  While Compaq/DEC may or may not supply products it is still 
their ownership.  Further I'd bet that through field service spares parts 
are still quite available.


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