Free to a good home... (fwd)

Warren Toomey wkt at
Tue Jun 1 15:55:25 AEST 1999

	Just a message to say that the PUPS mailing list DOES exist :-)
It's just very quiet, so please feel free to wake it up. I should
send in a list of new things in the PUPS Archive.

We now have:
	152 people subscribed to the mailing list
	100 people with access to the PUPS archive
	1502 SCO Ancient Unix license holders.

Finally, John Dodson in Australia (who is not on the list), asked
me to forward this message to you all.


----- Forwarded message from John Dodson -----
 From: John Dodson <johnd at>
 Subject: Free to a good home...

Free to a good home...

	Complete set of RSX11-M manuals. (Yes it ran on a PDP11 ;-)

	Complete set of Ultrix manuals. (Oh Ok so it ran on Vaxes ;-)

	One or 2 PDP-11/23's + some i/o cards (I'm not making a list, YOU must
			look, decide & negotiate with me to let them go...)
			A volunteer prepared to make a list would be OK.


John Dodson,					Dept of Physiology, (F13)
johnd at			& Faculty of Medicine,		University of Sydney,
Phone	+61 2 9351 3277				NSW 2006
Fax	+61 2 9351 2058				Australia.

Bring a strong friend when you pick it up. You have a week before the docs are
trashed. The machines & cards I'll keep for a while till they find a good home.
Sorry I cannot (will not) deliver.
----- End of forwarded message from John Dodson -----

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