FWD: PDP-11/83 looking for good home

Robert J. Kelley pasha at kali.com
Thu Mar 25 10:29:29 AEST 1999

I hope someone can put this machine to good use.

I'd pursue it myself but I live in Portland, OR.

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Subject: PDP-11/83 looking for good home
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Organization: Road Runner High Speed Online -- Northeast Ohio
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We have a PDP-11/83 system (BA123 worldbox, 2 DHQ11, RD54, TK50, LA120, 
LA324) that is looking for a home. It's running MicroRSTS and is working.
We are located in northeast Ohio. Call or email me.


Joe Matuscak
Rohrer Corporation
717 Seville Road
Wadsworth, Ohio 44281
matuscak at rohrer.com

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