SunOS 0.4 tape

Eric Fischer eric at
Tue May 4 01:41:11 AEST 1999

When sorting through old things in the machine room here recently,
Job Bogan came across an early QIC tape of SunOS.  The label reads:

    Sun UNIX 4.2* Software Release 0.4
          (*Berkeley Beta Release)
    1/4" Boot Tape 1 of 2 700-0585-01
    copyright (c) 1983 Sun Microsystems

Unfortunately, when I attempted to read the tape, all I got was a
tar file of a Fortran program dating from 1989.  It didn't get very
far into the tape, though, so parts of the original software may
still be present -- but I don't know how to get past the end-of-tape
mark to get at them.  Any ideas?

By the way, the Sun 1 that this tape goes with still exists, elsewhere
on campus, but hasn't been in usable condition in years.


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