Removing VAXBI and XMI boards

Michael Sokolov msokolov at harrier.Uznet.NET
Tue May 25 06:23:56 AEST 1999

Hello everyone,

As I'm trying to determine the exact configuration of the VAX 6000 I have just
acquired, I have the following very stupid question: how in the world do you
pull a VAXBI or XMI board out of the backplane? It's definitely nothing like
any UNIBUS or Q-bus stuff I have worked with so far. UNIBUS and Q-bus both use
Mxxxx series modules, but VAXBI and XMI use Txxxx series ones, which look quite
different mechanically. There is a long black bar hanging over each slot,
including empty ones, but no fiddling with it makes the board come out. Could
someone please explain to me how to pull VAXBI and XMI boards out and put them
back in? TIA.

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