Daniel A. Seagraves DSEAGRAV at toad.xkl.com
Sun Nov 28 03:54:53 AEST 1999

I am now dangerously close to getting 2.11BSD on my 11/44. ^_^
I got a SCSI disk controller (Viking UDT) and TS11 tapes, and 16 ports of
DZ11s  (Anyone got jumper/DIP switch info on these?), but my problem is
lack of a boot tape.

Anyway, since I have other machines around which can grok SCSI disks, I tried
making an RP06 image on Supnik's emulator, installing the rauboot instead of
hkuboot, but it failed.  The PDP-11 read the bootstrap in OK and the bootstrap
was running but it was looping (I forgot the address).

Has anyone done this before?  I would use a SCSI tape to boot from but the
SCSI tape drive I have died.  (Roached literally - one of the little fsckers
got inside it and got fried.)


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