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Sun Nov 28 05:13:59 AEST 1999

>Anyway, since I have other machines around which can grok SCSI disks, I tried
>making an RP06 image on Supnik's emulator, installing the rauboot instead of
>hkuboot, but it failed.

Are you sure it was a RP06 image?  hkuboot is the RK06/07 bootstrap.

How did you move the RP06 (or RK06) image to the physical SCSI drive?  You
were asking about doing it with RT-11 a few weeks ago, but you *do*
know that RT-11 won't conventionally access the 65536th (and
2*65536th, and 3*65536th...) blocks on a MSCP partition, don't you?  (There
is a way of accessing that last block, but you have to code it with
a .SPFUN call to the DU driver, and none of the distributed RT-11 utilities
work on that last block, even with the /DEVICE qualifier.)

Did the version of 2.11BSD you're working from have disklabel support in
the hk driver?  Disklabel support there was added recently (where "recent"
= 2 years ago).

>  The PDP-11 read the bootstrap in OK and the bootstrap
>was running but it was looping (I forgot the address).

Get us the address (HALT the 11/44, either with the front panel toggle
or control-P from the console) and we'll find out why it's looping.

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