2.11BSD boot looping

James Lothian simul8 at simul8.demon.co.uk
Tue Nov 30 00:55:49 AEST 1999

For what it's worth, this does sound suspiciously like what the 4.3
boot code did with the Viking. As far as I can remember, there is a 
flag in one of the UDA50 registers that is set to 1 one the device
interrupts. The 4.3 boot code runs the UDA50 with interrupts disabled,
but polls this flag to find out when the controller has finished a
On the UDA50, even if interrupts are disabled, this flag gets set. On
the viking, it doesn't. I can't remember the exact change I made, but I
got it from the sources for some later version of 4.3, which I probably
found on the internet. I'll try firing the beast up tonight, and see if
can figure out what I did. 

My hacked around version of UW 4.3+NFS that Michael Sokolov uploaded
to PUPS should also contain this modification. Somebody could try 
comparing my version to the original UW version -- they're both in the
archive, as far as I know.


"Daniel A. Seagraves" wrote:
> It's looping around at 157702.
> 157702 contains 001776
> -------

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