Setting the unit number on RA72

Michael Sokolov msokolov at
Wed Sep 1 03:10:43 AEST 1999


I wonder, does anyone know how to set the unit number on an RA72 manually,
without the RA7x control panel? I need to put two RA72s in a BA123, I have the
skidplates under the drives, the KDA50 and the right internal SDI cables, but
this is a BA123, so I don't have that RA7x control panel they put in 3500/3600
skunk boxes. I know that on RF drives if you don't have that panel connector,
the drive has its own switches or jumpers to set the DSSI node number, and I'm
sure that the same is true for the SDI unit number on RA7x drives. There is a
pack of 3 DIP switches on the right side of the RA72, is that the unit number?
If so, is bit 0 on the left or on the right? Is 1 up or down? TIA.

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