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Thu Sep 2 15:25:35 AEST 1999

> From: Kirk McKusick <mckusick at flamingo.McKusick.COM>
> My recollection is that V7M stood for V7-mini. It was a
> striped down version of V7 that was designed to run on
> the very low-end PDP-11's (like the 11/20).

	Hmmm, interesting.   My memories dredge up the 'M' as meaning
	"Modified".   Don't recall it ever being touted as 11/20 capable
	56kb, no MMU would be a wee bit too mini I'd think - was there ever
	a V7 that could run without an MMU?  If there was I've completely
	forgotten about it.

	Steven Schultz

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