KDA50 woes

Anders Magnusson ragge at ludd.luth.se
Thu Sep 2 18:05:23 AEST 1999

> Hi,
> I wonder, does anyone here know anything about the KDA50? I've solved my RA72
Well, something I think... :-)

> So my questions to the folks are: First, is my understanding of the situation
> correct? Second, what can be done about it? I guess as a temporary solution I
> can remove this problematic IPL autodetection code and hard-code the IPL of my
> KDA50, but what is it? Is the IPL set with switches on the KDA50 or how? And
> what do the KDA50 switches do in the first place? Does anyone know? TIA.
The IPL autodetect code has seemed to me as unneccessary. You know that
the KDA50 will always interrupt at spl5, so you can hard-code it in
the interrupt driver and nuke the autodetect code. The same with the 
other drivers that can be on Qbus:

	if (uh->uh_type == QBA)

-- Ragge

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