What's the true size of an RA92?

Michael Sokolov msokolov at meson.jpsystems.com
Sun Sep 5 07:26:10 AEST 1999


I wonder, does anyone know for sure what is the user capacity of an RA92 in
blocks? I'm now updating disktab(5) and the driver tables in 4.3BSD-Quasijarus
to cover new RA disks, and I can't figure out the user capacity of RA92 in
blocks. For all other RA disks with no exceptions (all RA8x, all RA7x, and
RA90) the user capacity in blocks is exactly equal to the number of cylinders
multiplied by the number of heads multiplied by the number of sectors, i.e., no
funny reserved sectors or tracks or anything like that. Looking in the
disktab(5) from Ultrix V4.2 I see a perfect match between the geometry and the
partition sizes for all disks except RA92. The RA92 entry indicates 3279
cylinders, 13 heads, and 69 sectors per track, but partition c is listed as
2940951 blocks instead of 3279*13*69=2941263 blocks. Does anyone know for sure
whether the user capacity of an RA92 is 2940951 blocks, 2941263 blocks, or
something else altogether?

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