Some interesting old UNIX news

Warren Toomey wkt at
Wed Apr 12 09:49:23 AEST 2000

Hi all,
	I'd just like to welcome the new people to the PUPS list. This
is probably the first e-mail in the list for a few weeks. I've been pretty
busy at work, but there is some interesting news on the old UNIX front.

+ SCO has now sold over 220 old Unix licenses, and I have something like
  120 license holders with access to the on-line PUPS Archive. We've lost
  count of the number of CDs produced by the PUPS Volunteers (thanks guys!)

+ I've got some Y2K patches for Unix coming in from Alexey Chupahin in
  Russia. Once I get them sorted out, they will be put into the archive.

+ The baton of old Unix at SCO has been passed from Dion Johnson to David
  Eyes and now to Paul Kaspian, their Open Source Marketing Manager. There
  will be some changes to the Ancient UNIX license. If you haven't bought
  a license, I would recommend NOT sending in any money just yet.

  This will be good news, but I'm waiting on SCO to announce the details.

I'll keep you all informed as usual.


P.S the Minix operating system has been released under a BSD license. Anybody
    want to port it to the PDP-11 family?

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