Ancient UNIX to be free (was: cscope now available under the BSD license)

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Fri Apr 21 13:50:37 AEST 2000

If you're planning to buy an AU licence, now isn't the time :-)


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> On 19 Apr, I wrote:
>> SCO has made the cscope sources available under the BSD license.
>> There's a press release at,
> And further down the press release they state,
>     Additionally, SCO has simplified its "Ancient" UNIX program and waived the
>     $100 processing fee. Anyone will be able to log onto the SCO web site and
>     download historically preserved UNIX code for educational and non-
>     commercial use.
> (Note future tense "will be able to", it's not there yet).
> This essentially halves the cost of getting the CSRG CD's from Kirk
> McKusick.
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> Andy Newman

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