History of Unix mv.

Warren Toomey wkt at cs.adfa.edu.au
Thu Apr 27 16:22:42 AEST 2000

In article by Brian Chase:
> > V2 mv(1) manual says files can't be moved across filesystems. V3 mv(1)
> > manual doesn't say either way. V4 mv(1) manual says the file will be
> > copied and the original deleted. V5 mv(1) source code exec's cp(1) when
> > the destination is on a different filesystem.
> So wait.  I need some clarification here.  When you say V2, V3, V4, etc..
> do you mean 2nd Ed, 3rd Ed, 4th Ed Unix?
> -brian.

Yup, 2nd Edition == 2e == V2.

1st Edition     November 3, 1971
2nd Edition     June 12, 1972
3rd Edition     February, 1973
4th Edition     November, 1973
5th Edition     June, 1974
6th Edition     May, 1975
7th Edition     January, 1979
8th Edition     February, 1985
9th Edition     September, 1986
10th Edition    October, 1989


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