[pups] Needed 2.11BSD 9-track boot tapes

Gregory R. Travis greg at ciswired.com
Mon Aug 14 07:22:13 AEST 2000

What I have:

	11/83, QBUS, 2MB, DH11, running RT-11 5.04 plus TSX
		- Kermit is installed on the machine
	2x CDC 384MB SMD disks attached to Emulex Controller emulating MSCP
	1 DigiData 800/1600 BPI 9-track drive attached to TM-11 emulating

What I need:

	Way to get 2.11BSD onto one of the CDC drives (preferably not
	to one with RT-11).

How I can do that:
	1.  Kermit transfer of 2.11BSD images to RT-11
		q1.  Is there a way to then transfer from RT-11 to one
		of the CDC disks?
		q2.  Is there a way to then transfer from RT-11 to tape
		images on the DigiData?

	2.  A kind soul sends me a set of 9-track 2.11BSD tapes with
	boot images.

	3.  Other?

Any takers?



Gregory Travis
Cornerstone Information Systems ATS
greg at ciswired.com
812 330 4361 ext. 18

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